Saturday, November 26

"Adventing" :)

This is going to be my 1st year observing Advent. It's something I didn't grow up doing probably because I didn't grow up in a "traditional Christian" home, but I am excited to experience this season in a new way, which I guess is an old way...I just haven't gotten into it ever, until now.

I think more than anything I want to do the opposite of what the world influences me to do. From Thanksgiving through Christmas, everything around me feels like hurry up, sugar rush, bright lights, discounts, excessiveness in the midst of emptiness. With Advent (which I like to think of as a baby shower for Jesus ;p) I just want to wait and listen. I don't know what that will be like, cause I talk a lot and get things done along the waiting and being silent is not "me", but here I am entering into a new kind of everyday.

Thursday, August 11

Keep Shining...

much love to my hermano, Milt, for sharing this with this track to death.

theme song for my soul.

Wednesday, August 10

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl...

So proud of this crew and excited about this project! I started supporting and watching ABG in early July, and today just saw that they raised $20,000 over their goal!! Really hoping this show makes it to a broader audience!

Check out the kickstarter video here and how the series began:

My 2 favorite episodes (so far...)
The Icebreaker

The Dance

Friday, August 5

Black Best Friend.

i love this video. i can relate to not always meeting the "black friend" expectations,"gurrrrl...".

Tuesday, July 5

Friday, May 13

Louder than a Bomb.

I saw "Louder than a Bomb" -this week with a friend and one of my was crazy powerful, and really impacted me.

One of the most powerful pieces (out of many) was Lamar's piece, "...The Shooter." This clip is not from the documentary, but I was so glad that I still found it good.

I really love all the students they featured in this film...go see it! for real.

Wednesday, April 20

in the student newspaper this week...

So I was interviewed this week by a student regarding the Kobe Bryant incident:

Something else I spoke to the reporter about was how interesting it is that we have a basketball player who gets fined $100,000 for using the "F-word" toward a referee during a basketball game...yet the Westboro Baptist Church is protected when they use slurs during military funerals. With their signs that read, "God Hates F---" and their digusting protests during the funerals for the brave, young people who sacrificed their lives for our country, the Supreme Court, "our" Supreme Court does not hold them accountable for their hate...for their words:

This world is funny...and by "funny" I mean stupid.