Wednesday, June 18



So it's really happening...I am going on a mission to serve in Southeast Asia. My faith is increasing like crazy, so many people who I never expected have been supporting me through this. I am so grateful.
And I am going with my organization, The Good Foot Performing Arts...even crazier!
I never thought I would be doing something like this, God is so good.

Psalm 119:32
I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.

Thanks to everyone who is praying before, during and after the trip...

wuv u!

Tuesday, June 3

and now for something completely different...

Defending the way I talk, who I hung out with, the type of music I listened to, and who I dated was something I had to do a lot growing up. I didn't always fit into the stereotype of what the world thought was "black". But I didn't care, I love sushi, fell in love with a boy about 10 shades lighter than me & had Nirvana, Bob Marley, and Nas on the same playlist, and told everyone to suck it...(okay not really, I'm too nice sometimes...but I was thinkin it) That was a while ago, but sometimes I still have to explain myself to a group of people that want to squeeze me into their 'box of stereotypes', or I'll just say it's 'b.s'. There are a lot of girls who have gone and are still going through this b.s.
I found this article on Santogold, she is a fresh music artist, and because she is a black woman people want to label her sound as "hip hop/r&b" when her music is a world away from that genre. Check this article out peeples!

Here is an exerpt of the article, for my impatient friends. For all the good stuff, you have to go to the link:p
It comes down to this: to anyone with ears, that genre is wrong. Gwen Stefani is more hip-hop/rap than Santogold, but she is called pop/rock - and it's because she's white.

I interviewed Santi last week and I admitted I was surprised when I finally heard her music, because I kept reading that she was a new R&B or hip-hop artist. But what you're doing is straight-up pop, I said. She laughed about it, but confessed that it was starting to grate:

"It's racist (laughs). It's totally racist. Everyone is just so shocked that I don't like R&B. Why does R&B keep coming into my interviews? It's pissing me off. I didn't grow up as a big fan of R&B and, like, what is the big shocker? It's stupid. In the beginning I thought that was funny. I'm an 'MC', I'm a 'soul singer', I'm a 'dance hybrid artist'. And some guy said I looked like Kelly Rowland!"

It's not just racism. It's happening because the album touches on a number of different genres, which makes it difficult to categorise. Artistically, that's what Santogold set out to achieve. Good. But it makes it much more difficult for retailers who rely on categories to help the customers find what they're looking for. They have to label it somehow and, typically, the record company supply the information.

Santi knows that the record takes in a bit of everything: "The cool thing is that I was able to work with all these genres that are typically sub-cultural, like dub or punk or something, and then, by writing in a way that had hooks, made it accessible to everyone."

Yet she's being called a rapper, when there's no rapping on the album. She's being called hip-hop when she sounds like Cyndi Lauper. It could be down to the record company. It could be down to the stores. Or it could be down to a collective lack of imagination, meaning a black artist must fit into a black genre. In Santi's own words, "it's a pop record. I made sure it was." They should have gone straight to the source.

"Oh snap!" - me.


The most amazing thing happened last week on Friday...I prayed and I got an answer...
Since April 4th, I have been trying to raise well over $2,000 for my first mission trip to the Philippines with The Good Foot Organization. I sent out letters, emails, had an art show, lead a car wash & garage sale fundraiser, and still didn't have enough money for my airplane ticket. I was starting to not really worry, but wonder if I was even suppose to go, and what would my response be (other than crying like a baby) if I couldn't go. Time went by, then like that, our airfare was due on May 30th. I had already been praying for the funds to be there, but because they weren't, I really had to seek God again about what he wanted me to do. I thought:
1 - Maybe I am not meant to go, and all the support I have raised should go to bless someone else.
2 - I am suppose to go, but I will have to go deeper into debt if I put everything on my credit, yikes!
That night, I stayed in my car and just prayed and listened for more direction from God, I told Him no matter what happened that I would praise Him whether I could go or not, and I trust Him with everything, even things that I didn't understand.
For the first time, I couldn't picture myself NOT being in the Philippines...I really felt that I had a purpose to fulfill in the Philippines and heard from God that everything would be fine. That evening I asked a few friends to pray for me, since I had less than 24hours to raise $700 for the trip.
Oookay, almost done...So I woke up the next morning and got an email from 2 friends, one gave me 300 euros, which is like half of what I needed!! And another friend gave me $50!! Later that day, a good friend, bought one
one of my photos for $240! This happened all within a few hours of when I woke up! I was so happy that God provided for me and gave me the answer I was seeking. Wow...!