Friday, September 26

the Mariners game!

Grace Woo on Baseball: "Baseball players got big booties."

Yep, I have to agree with Grace on that! This past Tuesday I went to my first Mariners game with Gracie. It was crazy! We had amazing seats right behind the dugout of the other team...Da Angels. Anyway we were was cold and balls were flying everywhere! The players would swing and I was so scared that a ball would hit me upside the head. Baseball fans are so brave! Balls were richocheting off poles from level to level and landing at god knows how many miles an hour down into the crowd. Foul balls hurling into crowds of children and a mix of old dudes and frat boys with baseball mits. Everytime someone caught or fought for a ball, they did a little dance after...but anytime a ball flew by me and Grace I freaked. Despite all that, I can't wait to go to my next ball game, I will be prepared either with a baseball glove or an umbrella if I am too scared to go for a ball, we'll see.

Tuesday, September 23

Grizzie Grizzie Grad School!

I am so excited I start Graduate School this week at SU! Once I graduated with my BA, I thought okay I am officially done, now I will make babies!! But God had some different things in mind. Now I am on my way to getting my Master's in Education...what! what!! ;)