Tuesday, October 14

God's fanclub

So I was driving home from class today, a riveting Multicultural Perspective class at SU (woop woop!), anyway, as usual after a long day of work, I am blastin Santogold, Prince, or Slightly Stoopid in my Mitsubishi (another woop!). I see a few cars in front of me with bumper stickers...there's "Obama 08", "Obama & Biden", "I can't afford to vote Republican"...etc.

Then I see this car with a sticker that says, "I don't have anything against God, it's His fanclub I can't stand" Huh.

It took me a hot minute to think about, but, I really loved that sticker. I was also really sad that there was so much truth in it. Throughout my day to day...as a student, in class, in this city, at work...I can see that so many people long for God, seek Him in different ways...and oddly how it's Christianity and Christians that can many times be this kryptonite, or bad taste, that turns people off and away from God.

Sometimes it turns me off.

Is God like "WTF?" when He sees the ignorance, exclusion, and unfriendliness that I have seen in some Christian lives. All these thoughts from this sticker...I want to be someone who is transparent, loving, and redeem whatever truth has been lost by this "fanclub".