Tuesday, November 18

Opus OMG!

Tonight I attended one of the most inspirational events! The Opus Prize Ceremony. This is an award that is given every year, but this year my grad school, Seattle U, was the host for it at Benaroya Hall. This award honors faith-based humanitarian leaders from around the world.
The 3 recipients (please look up, because they are extraordinary and real life Heroes!!) were: Krishnamal Jagannathan for Land for Tillers' Freedom from India, Michael Woodard for Jubilee House Community from Nicaragua and Marguerite Barankitse for Maison Shalom from Burundi. Their stories were so powerful. They saw tragedy, injustice, and the needs of many and were moved to action. They each described it as their "calling" or "God's calling for their life" and their "life's purpose". These people were so selfless and passionate, but amazingly they were just normal people who made a decision.
A student who spoke that night described Michael Woodard as someone who had "an impatience for injustice".
Krishnamal (she is so small and adorable) said how we are "all different physically, but on the inside we are the same."
Marguerite "Maggie" who spoke last and received the million dollar prize said,"...our human vocation is to love" after witnessing the murder of 72 people in her village, she is so hopeful and continues to work and restore the lives of so many people, she also said, "I know that evil will never take the last word. Never, never."
Ugh!!! I am still so moved and inspired. This night really made an impact on my heart and how I perceive what I am capable of. There is so much to do...