Tuesday, July 29

Today is...

My Birthday!!!
Maybe it's an unspoken rule, that you have to create a new blog post on your birthday, I dunno?
Either way here I am posting...so far I have had a really great 28th biRRFFday!! My friends and family are so amazing, I got the best morning phone calls from my mom, grandpa, dad and Barry! Hmm, what else, I also now own the movie, 'Bella', thanks to Nicholei, who gave me my present early! I kinda freaked out when I opened it, that movie is beautiful! There's more good stuff that I don't have time to write about, but in short, it's been allll love! 28 feels sooo good, like I massage or a good stretch. It's not as much drama as some people think...I feel nice and "even", just like my age! :p.

Thursday, July 17

The Team

I love my team! My 1st mission trip with The Good Foot and the amazing Every Nation Seattle Campus Team aka The Better Foot. God had a purpose for each of us, and it was so amazing how we all came together to serve and learn together in the Philippines...word.

Tuesday, July 15

back home...

Manila was amazing. The people, the prayer, the workshops, the school, our team. There's so much I want to describe, but it's still overwhelming, and I've been back home 2 weeks now. The trip showed me that my capacity to believe and love is a lot greater than I thought. I guess now that I am back and I still ready to go anywhere and serve in any way. There's that feeling along with the crazy jetlag. I miss everyone so much, the girls I connected with, our hosts, even people who I spent minutes with, but changed my heart unexpectedly...Leta, Lyn, Debbie, Sandra, Shermaine, Emma...anyway, I am so grateful to all the people who helped me get there...it was...wow.