Wednesday, April 20

in the student newspaper this week...

So I was interviewed this week by a student regarding the Kobe Bryant incident:

Something else I spoke to the reporter about was how interesting it is that we have a basketball player who gets fined $100,000 for using the "F-word" toward a referee during a basketball game...yet the Westboro Baptist Church is protected when they use slurs during military funerals. With their signs that read, "God Hates F---" and their digusting protests during the funerals for the brave, young people who sacrificed their lives for our country, the Supreme Court, "our" Supreme Court does not hold them accountable for their hate...for their words:

This world is funny...and by "funny" I mean stupid.

Saturday, April 9

explain yourself.

The only thing worse than being singled out, questioned and treated like a suspect, is when I have to watch it happen to the young students I work with.

That was my night tonight...