Wednesday, June 9


Just posted this on FB status:

:D! goodbye grad school. thanks for all the memories and teaching me words like "ipsative." will only use in case i want to impress or scare people.
I am graduating this Sunday with my M.Ed. (Master in Education) feels unreal. 1st generation college student, it's like living on a different planet getting this degree. So glad I've had crazy support along the way...people who gave me space and kept me grounded. Now I am ready for the next episode, whatever that is.

Thursday, March 4


Wow...I have been a busy girl. It's been a year. I am still working on the Masters and living in Seatown...I've missed my blog. Oh sweet blog! Okay I will be updating this soon...there's lots to share from Coldplay to meeting Cornel West to being in Vancouver during the Olympics, it's been a great year.
Back to the working on this Social Justice paper...3 more months until graduation...yayerr.